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    Amos Corporation, Korea, established in 1984 is the world’s leading manufacturer of Office Glue Sticks and Children’s Hobby Products. Being the 1st Korean Company to produce Glue sticks, they supply their products both under the Amos Brand as well as several leading OEM Brands across the world including India .

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    Max Co., Ltd. Japan, the pioneer of Staplers and Staple Pins is a highly respected Japanese Company having a global footprint in the world of Staplers, Staple Pins, Packers etc . Available under the Max brand, their products are admired and renowned for their stringent quality controls, superior grade raw material and utmost precision ensuring that their products create a lifetime bond.

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    Motex Products Co Ltd., Korea is the world’s Top manufacturer of Labeling Machines, Label Rolls, Weighing scales etc. Winner of several Presidential and Export Awards in Korea, Motex is one of the TOP 50 Leading Enterprises in Korea . Motex products are available in more than 90 countries across the globe .

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    Nichiban Co ., Ltd - Japan , the worlds leading manufacturer of Cellulose Tapes was founded in 1918 with a vision to become the leading manufacturer of eco friendly tapes for the packaging industry. They are the Trademark owners of the brand " Cellotape " which is now considered as a generic name for packaging tapes.

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    KPI Co Ltd., Korea, the manufacturer of MUNHWA Brand products is a very old and well established manufacturer of Paint Markers, Pencils etc. Munhwa Paint Markers find acceptance with leading Korean Brands such as Samsung, Daewoo and Hyundai among others. It is a matter of time before MUNHWA becomes the preferred brand in India.

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    Wonder Hot Melt Glue Guns manufactured by Homease Industrial Co Ltd, Taiwan are highly dependable and durable and find a place in several industries such as furniture, packaging, artificial plants, soft toys, leather, wood working etc . For all your DIY Adhesion needs, WONDER is a brand that you can TRUST !!!!

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    Tongshen Enterprises, Taiwan is one of the leading Cyano acrylate Adhesive manufacturers in the world for decades . Available under the EVOBOND Brand, they also are the OEM suppliers to several leading Brands across the world including India.